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Popular Solutions

Microsoft offers more than 100 products in its Cloud “Azure”. Once in the cloud, innovative services usage, such as Cortana Intelligence Suite, Machine Learning or Cognitive Services, is easy to implement.
The following is an outline of the most frequently used cloud products.

Virtual Machines

Azure Virtual Machines allows you to deploy Windows Server or Linux images in the cloud.

App Service

Azure App Service allows you to create ready-to-use web and mobile apps for all platforms and devices quickly and easily and provides a scalable and reliable cloud infrastructure.

SQL Database

Azure SQL Database is a relational database service that allows you to quickly create, expand, and scale relational applications within the cloud.

SQL Server & Services


Azure Storage provides non-relational data storage, such as blob storage, table storage, queue storage, and files.

Cloud Services

Azure Cloud Services eliminate server infrastructure administration. Web and work roles enable you to quickly create, deploy, and manage modern applications.


Azure DocumentDB is a fully managed NoSQL document database service that provides query and transaction processing for schema-free data, predictable and reliable performance, and fast deployment.

Azure Active Directory

Azure Active Directory provides identity management and access control for your cloud applications. You can synchronize local identities and enable single sign-on (SSO) to simplify user access to cloud applications. Azure Active Directory is available in three editions: Free, Basic and Premium.


For enterprise computers and laptops Azure Backup protects data and shared files and folders from Windows clients. In your data center, Backup supports Microsoft SharePoint, Exchange, SQL Server, Hyper-V virtual machines, and other applications with the System Data Protection Manager (DPM).


Azure HDInsight is a Hadoop-based service that introduces an Apache Hadoop solution into the cloud. You get the full value of big data with a cloud-based data platform, managed by the data of any type and any size.

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