Connection Errors to a MongoDB Cluster in Azure Functions

In an Azure function transferring data from a MongoDB to an SQL-Server we were seeing connection errors on the MongoDB-side:

MongoConnectionException: An exception occurred while opening a connection to the server.

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How to create and use self singed certificates in an Ubuntu Docker Container to trust external resources

In this article I will talk about how to create trust between a Container (Ubuntu) and external resources. In this example the external resource is an API hosted on an IIS that encrypts the traffic with a self singed certificate. Here the scenario in a picture:

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Azure function still running after being disabled

We recently had an issue regarding a function in an Azure Function App Service that was still running after being disabled using the Azure Portal (and hence the function.json)


The Setup

We used an Azure Function App Service running on an App Service Plan. The timer triggered function was precompiled using C# (so a .dll) developed in Visual Studio 2017.

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Was ist Azure SQL Database Managed Instance?

Azure SQL Database Managed Instance ist eine neue Variante der Azure SQL Datenbank, welche Kunden des SQL Servers eine reibungslose Migration zu PaaS ermöglicht. Es stellt eine vollständig verwaltete SQL Server Instanz in der Azure Cloud dar.

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How-To: Copy an Azure VM From Region A to Region B

For various reasons, it might be useful to move or copy an Azure VM to a different region within Microsoft Azure. One might think this is a big thing (which might become even bigger if the source VM uses „Managed Disks“), but in fact it is just a „Copypaste“ – if you know how to do it.

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Installing Imagick PHP Extension on Azure Web Service with Composer

I recently got a request to install a PHP extension in an Azure Web Service running PHP 7.1, Cake PHP and MySQL. The extension to install was Imagick 3.4.3 x64, which is used for all kinds of image manipulation. The marketplace extension Composer was installed already.
Since Azure Web Service is a managed service, installing non-marketplace extensions is not as straight forward as on a managed machine running Windows or Linux. But even though the required steps are not officially documented, there are some resources available on the issue. I used the following manual.

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Cake PHP and Azure App Service (HTTP 500 Errors)

I recently implemented a project for one of our customers. They had selected a supplier for their new global food delivery webshop. The web shop was based on PHP 7.0+, Cake PHP and MySQL.

Since we are managing our customer’s Azure subscription we were asked to take care of the web shop hosting. They required a scalable solution and since it was a food delivery webshop, they required different performance levels depending on the time of the day (many people order food on Sunday evening ;)).

An Azure App Service covers such requirements quite well, so we decided to go this route.

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